About Heritage

Heritage Overview

Wholly owned by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Calgary-based Heritage Royalty actively leases mineral lands to all types of private and public companies, from start-ups, through juniors and intermediates, to international super-majors. We are not directly involved in any oil and gas exploration or production.

Heritage owns mineral title, royalty interests, and select non-operated working interests in ~5 million acres across Western Canada and the United States.

Interest Types

Royalty Interest

The property interest created through an oil and gas lease.

Mineral Interest

Ownership of mineral rights. Heritage holds ~5mm acres of fee title in perpetuity.

Working Interest

Operating interest under an oil and gas lease. Heritage manages Finch, which has a non-operated working interest.

Non-Participating Royalty Interest

Burden on royalty interest. Entitlement to payment once production is established but cannot share in the bonus or rental and does not create the right to execute leases or develop.

Overriding Royalty Interest

Burden on working interest. A fractional interest in gross production of oil and gas carved out of the Lessee’s working interest share and which is free and clear of all deductions.

Interest Type by Entity

Royalty Interest Mineral Interest Working Interest Non-Participating Royalty Interest Overriding Royalty Interest
Heritage Resource Royalty Corp. 
Finch One Energy Corp.
HRG Royalty II LLC
HRG Royalty LLC

Mineral rights are common in the United States, but form a small proportion of land ownership in Canada. In Western Canada, ~80% of mineral rights are owned by the provincial government and ~20% are owned privately. Private owners, such as Heritage, often hold 100% mineral rights in perpetuity and negotiate with Lessees directly.